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Women's Health

Liv-Terese K. Martyn, Bsc. PT, MCSP

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Women's Health: What is it?
The subject of women's health encompasses a range of issues that can be treated by physiotherapy.  There are certain health problems that can affect women at different times in their lives which require specialized physiotherapy treatment.

From pregnancy, back and leg pain, to incontinence problems, a specialized physiotherapist is here to help you. Our physiotherapist treats a wide variety of muscle and joint pain using manual techniques and rehabilitation through the use of strengthening exercises.

The Pelvis
The pelvis is composed of three large bones plus the coccyx. The pelvis is the section between the legs and the torso that connects the spine (backbone) to the thigh bones. The pelvis is made up of three bones which join together and form a ring.  Three joints are part of this pelvic ring: the symphysis pubis joint at the front and two sacroiliac joints at the back.

There are many muscles in the pelvis which work together to either stabilize the knee, hip or provide support for the spine and maintain disc space. The gluteus muscles work together to stabilize the pelvis onto the femur, the piriformis muscle and the obterator internus both help with external rotation of the hip.

The Symptoms
Living with chronic pelvic and back pain is draining, and can interfere with sexual intercourse, good sleep and daily functioning. There are a variety of symptoms that you may experience which will indicate that you may need the services of a physiotherapist:

  • Pre and post-natal
  • Painful Intercourse
  • Lower Back, Pelvis and Abdominal Pain
  • Bladder Pain and Bladder Frequency
  • Buttock and Leg Pain


The Causes of Pelvic Imbalances
Many women who suffer from any of the symptoms discussed may be affected for a variety of reasons. For example, pregnancy can cause muscular and structural changes in a woman's body, leading to various levels of discomfort. A slip and fall or motor vehicle accident can cause various injuries to the pelvic region, requiring physiotherapy attention. Any surgery experienced in the pelvic region, such as a hysterectomy or laparoscopy leaves abdominal muscles torn and weak. The muscles of the core, such as the transverse abdominis, work together to keep our bodies stable.

Treatment Options Available
Our specialized physiotherapist will assess and educate you with her findings and how to get comfortable. She will likely use various mobilization techniques and modalities depending on her findings for symptom control. A specific exercise program will be developed for you that focuses on strengthening your anterior pelvic floor and core stability muscles. There is usually no internal examination required after consultation with your gynaecologist. Our main focus is to make you feel better again!

Womens Health

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