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Therapeutic Services has a long standing history and extensive experience in treating athletic and sport injuries. Our team of Massage Therapists has a strong background in recreational and elite level sport. All of our therapists have competed at the elite level and have had to deal with injuries themselves. Their experience rehabilitating through their own injuries has helped them guide others through a similar process. Our team of therapists has provided service to all types of athletes. Whether you are a professional or competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, we are happy to help you with your sports injuries.

Anyone who participates in an active lifestyle can benefit from massage. Whether it is professional athletics, extra-curricular activities at school, walking, hiking, or marathon training, massage therapy can meet your needs.

Massage therapy can provide numerous ways to support your active lifestyle:

  • increase flexibility to reduce stiffness and soreness
  • recover from heavy workouts and events
  • rehabilitate injuries
  • compliment other therapies such as physiotherapy

As each sport challenges muscles in a different way, the Massage Therapist must be familiar with not only the sport, but the athlete's responsibility in the game/event. In doing this the Massage Therapist is able to tailor the treatment to the individual athlete. Sport massage is beneficial not only leading up to the event in the athlete's "training phase" but also in "pre/post event phases" and during any necessary rehabilitation.

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