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Pregnancy Massage

Pre-natal or pregnancy massage is designed to support the mother-to-be as she experiences the physical and emotional changes that accompany pregnancy. Pre-natal massage is also considered a good alternative for pain management, where the option for medication may be limited. During a pre-natal massage, the expectant mother is placed in a comfortable position and is supported with pillows and padding. This ensures a safe experience for both Mom and baby.

Found to relieve stress, pre-natal massage also assists in the reducing swelling of the hands and feet, and relieving aches and pain commonly related to pregnancy. Massage also provides the benefit of human touch, found to reduce anxiety and promote comfort and emotional support.

Massage is generally not recommended in the first trimester and also may not be recommended if you have certain complications or conditions. It is best to consult your doctor for a referral for massage therapy when expecting to ensure safety for both mother and child.

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